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COMI Lighting, a brand of Hong Kong Based enterprise, which specialized in developing and manufacturing the outdoor LED landscape and construction lighting field ,LED Linear Strip Lights,and related lighting system and related products since established,which included all high end products such as LED Step Lights, Wall Lights, LED landscape lights,LED garden lights,in-ground lights, underwater lights, LED pool lights, Fountain Lights, LED flood lights and wall washers and etc.We take inspiration ...
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Lastest company news about Why LED Underground Light rated IP67 is still with water or moisture inside?
Why LED Underground Light rated IP67 is still with water or moisture inside?


Why the underground lamp with a rated IP67 waterproof level is still leaking? ​   Many of us may wonder that the rated IP67 outdoor underground lights are with water or moisture infiltrating into the internal of the lighting fixture, even though these IP67 LED in-ground luminaires are with IP test reports issued by the Third-party certification bodies which prove these luminaires are passed IP67 tested and IP67 waterproof level. And some of these lights are world well-known international brands which are still leaks or with moisture Attached to the inner of glass cover of underground lights.   Why the underground lights with a rated IP67 waterproof level is still infiltrated with water or vapor?   Before having the answer, it is better to understand and learn what IP67 meanings. IP67 means the ingress of water in harmful quantity shall not be possible when the enclosure is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time (up to 1 m of submersion). For more information about ingress protection, please view this link>> What is IP code and IK Code?     The reasons for the water leakage or moisture problem of underground lights are main 4 aspects: 1. Unreasonable design 2. Defects in materials 3. Defects in workmanship 4. Improper installation and operation     1. Unreasonable Design For example, some outdoor underground lamps are sealed with glue to prevent the water from seeping in. These lamps sealed with glue meet the waterproof IP grade indeed when they finished and tested in the factory, or even still working excellent in Third-party certification bodies or lab.   However, the glue will start to get age and turn yellow after about a period of time (around 6 months) of use in an outdoor harsh environment, and the vapor or water will infiltrate to the inner of lamp housing. Therefore, glue sealing waterproofing is unreliable or not enough, the structural waterproofing for outdoor lighting is the kingly way for underground lights, or it is better adopts both structural waterproofing and glue sealing waterproofing technology, especially for IP68 LED underwater lights.   The front cover of some underground lights ere not be pressed firmly or properply, and the manufacturer did not fix the front cover and housing firmly by enough screws. It should be known that LED buried lights are often in an environment immersed by water, and if the front cover is not fixed on lamp body tightly and properly, it is easy to lead to the water or vapor seep into the internal of the underground lighting fixtures via the gaps.   There are only 2 or 3 screws for the front cover for such a large size lamp, and the distance between the screws is far. Do you think it is pressed and fixed tightly?   If the cover of the lamp is not pressed and fixed firmly, there may be gaps, and it is hard to be waterproof even if it is filled and sealed with glue.       The lamp of an international brand in the picture below has no glue sealing inside. Let's check how many screws are used on it? 10 pcs screws.   Several of the lamps mentioned above are not easy to pass the IP67 test. And even if it passes the IP67 grade test, it does not mean there will be no risk of water leakage. Structural design defects in lamps can also lead to water leakage.     Some manufacturers perform a soak-in water test for their underground lamps under certain temperature conditions, BUT there is a risk of failure if the test time is too short (such as 5~6 hours) and considered their lamps passed the IP67 testing. But the fact is, the environment of outdoor lamps is complex in the actual working process than the simple testing.   When the fixture is turned on or working under the scorching sun, the inside temperature will increase as the operating time goes. Conversely when the lamp stops working or when it is raining or snow, the temperature will slowly drop. This phenomenon will cause “The Siphon effect”. Thermal expansion and contraction make the inside and outside air pressure differences. The vapor will infiltrate to the housing through the wire entry as soon as the internal air pressure is smaller than the external.   This is caused by the unreasonable structure design of the lamps or improper operation for the connection for the lamp, which leads to the substandard durability of the lamps.       2. Defects in materials   Defects in the material of the luminaire may cause the luminaire to leak.   This is related to the key waterproof materials of the lamps, such as, waterproof nuts, sealants, silicon rings, etc., which often perform well when they are first installed, but their durability is not enough after a long time. The Poor quality silicone rings will get age in two months. And the outdoor underground light is often exposed to the sun, the ring will crack and water will go into the internal of the housing via the gaps. And lead to premature failure for the outdoor underground light which is not reaching the designed life as expectation.     Even if the silicone ring is not aged, if the silicone strip is not selected properly, and if the selected silicone ring for underground lamp is not an inorganic material but an organic material, It may be acted and decomposed by mildew which the underground light is result in leaking water.   Therefore, the correct selection and high quality of materials is also very important for outdoor LED underground lights.     3. Defects in workmanship For example, the front cover or the bottom cover or other cover for the underground light must be very dense and fixed firmly by screws when the lamp is assembled. Each screw has its fixed torque, if screws are driven too tight, the silicone ring will be crushed, if the screws are driven too loose, the silicone ring is not tight enough. That is to say there will be a fixed torque for the screws. Companies with quality assurance have designed the torque for screws, which can be in place in a good position with just a hit of the electric drill. Other companies without design and conditions to design the torque, just screwed it casually during assembly, it’s hard to avoid water leakage issues.   Well, what if it is a well-known international brand, the lighting design is reasonable, and the materials are good quality, does the IP67 underground lamp will not with the leaking water issue?   The answer is NO!   If the in-ground lamp you use is from a famous supplier or qualified suppliers, but it still gets water leakage, the only possibility is improper installation methods.     4. Improper installation and operation ① Installation ground surface is uneven The general possibility improper operation is that the surface of ground is not on the same level of the front cover of the underground light. The Install ground is uneven, and there are often pressures from pedestrians or cars. Therefore, the position of the pressed rubber ring will lose its elasticity due to excessive pressure-and then it will lead to the lamp leak water or vapor issue?     ②"Short-term waterproof" If the drainage is not handled properly, the underground will leak if they are immersed in water for a long time. The IP67 of the recessed underground light represents short-term waterproofing only. For long time waterproof requirements and submersed lamp into water for a long time, this kind of lamp should be IP68 underwater light required.   ▲ There must be a large layer of space under the lamp for filling with gravel, and there must be a drainage pipe at the bottom so that the water can be drained and avoid the underground lamps soaked in water for a long time.   ▲Gravel   ▲ Drain pipe.   If the recessed Underground lights are soaked in water for a long time, the environment of the underground light in this case is worse than in the environment in swimming pool. Because the ground is often cleaned with detergents such as oxalic acid, oxalic acid is corrosive, the underground light will be corroded or damaged by oxalic acid, so water or vapor will probably seep into the housing of the underground lights.   So if the installation ground is on flat level and there are drainage measures, will everything be fine and there will be no water leakage issue? Unfortunately, even if these operations are reaches this level and proper, it is still possible for LED underground lights to fail, or with water infiltrated.   ③Power connection for LED underground   Another possible cause of water leakage is the power wiring.   Ordinary wiring with tape is actually not waterproof, because water vapor will enter the interior of the lamp along the gap of the tape wrapped around the wire, forming moisture or water mist inside the lamp.   So the reasonable way should be to use a IP68 connector or waterproof junction box. The junction box is filled with soft silicone glue; this way is helpful for preventing water vapor infiltrate to the housing through the wire entry.     There are also many LED in-ground lights delivered with IP67 waterproof male and female connector, most people take for granted it is waterproof for this kind of connectors, BUT In fact, it is not waterproof (after a long time)!     ▲Normal Waterproof male and female plugs   In fact, due to man-made reasons such as the tolerance and poor quality of male and female sockets, water will leak from the gap.   Click here to know How to dispose the outdoor light connector correctly?       Conclusion Overall, the water leakage problem of the buried LED lamp is either caused by the unqualified quality of the lamp itself, or it is caused by the improper operation on installation.   After find out the reason of underground lights leak problem, you are now able to know how to deal with and avoid the leakage problem of outdoor lighting fixture. COMI Lighting is a professional manufacturer and supplier on outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, and architectural lighting luminaires, such as underground lights, in-ground light, underwater lights, swimming pool lights, step lights, wall washer, landscape lights, garden lights, flood lights and etc. If you need a professional company to help you handle the lighting products, feel free to be invited to be one of our partners and contact us @ or call us 0086 755 2315 8250.
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Lastest company news about The basic knowledge of waterproof for LED Outdoor Luminaires
The basic knowledge of waterproof for LED Outdoor Luminaires


The LED Outdoor lighting fixtures are usually used for and installed in outdoor applications, so the outdoor lighting luminaires are required to withstand the test of ice, snow, scorching sun, wind, rain, lightning, water, or even drive over, or corroded by sea water or sea wind and so on for a long time. and the cost of outdoor lighting fixtures are relatively high. However, because they are difficult to dismantle, remove and repair when these LED outdoor lighting lamps are used on external walls, building, or underground or underwater and other severe environments, so the LED outdoor lighting luminaires must meet the requirements of long-term stable work. And LED diode is a delicate semiconductor component. If the inner of LED outdoor lamps especially the LEDs and other components are affected with damp, it will lead to the LED chip absorb moisture, and LED, PCB and other components are damaged. Therefore, the LED is suitable for working at a dry and low temperature. To ensure that LEDs can work stably for a long time under harsh outdoor conditions, the waterproof structure design of lamps is extremely critical for outdoor lighting fixtures. Factors affecting the waterproof performance of LED outdoor lamps: 1. Ultraviolet rays Ultraviolet rays have a destructive effect on those exposed outside the LED outdoor lamp, such as: the wire insulated rubber, lamp housing protective coating, plastic parts, sealing glue, sealing rubber ring, and adhesive and etc. After the insulated rubber of the wire is aged and cracked, water vapor will penetrate into the interior of the lamp through the gap in the wire core. After the coating of the housing of the lamp is aged, the coating on the edge of the lamp housing will be cracked or peeled off, or with gaps. After the plastic housing ages, it will deform and crack. The electronic potting colloid will crack when it ages. The sealing rubber ring is aging and deformed, and gaps will appear. The adhesive between the structural parts is aging, and gaps will appear after the adhesive force is reduced. These are the damages of ultraviolet rays to the waterproof ability of outdoor luminaires. 2. High and low temperature difference The outdoor temperature changes greatly every day, especially In summer, the surface temperature of outdoor lamps can rise to 50-60℃ during the day time, and drop to 10-20 ℃ at night. In winter or ice snow days, the temperature can drop to below zero, and the temperature difference changes even more. For outdoor lamps, the aging and deformation of materials are accelerated in the high temperature environment in summer; in winter, when the temperature drops below zero, the plastic parts become brittle, or crack under the pressure of ice and snow. 3. Thermal expansion and cold contraction Luminaire housing expands with heat and contracts with cold: Changes in temperature lead to thermal expansion and contraction of the luminaire. Different materials (such as glass and aluminum profiles) have different linear expansivity or linear expansion coefficients, and the two different materials will be displaced at the junction. The process of thermal expansion and contraction is repeating and happening every day, and the relative displacement is also repeating and happening, which greatly damages the airtightness of the outdoor lamps. The internal air expands with heat and contracts with cold: It is often seen that water droplets condense on the inner of glass cover of the LED underground lights in the ground of the public square or road and etc. How does the water drop penetrate into the underground lamp which sealed and filled with gel completely? This is the result of “The Siphon effect” when heat expands and contracts. For example, when the temperature drops from 60°C to 10°C, the change in air pressure inside the lamp is about: 1-(273+60) K/(273+10)K=-0.18 atm=-1.86 m water column. The temperature rises, and under the action of huge negative pressure, the humid air passes through the tiny gaps in the material of the lamp body. After the humid air penetrates into the lamp body and encounters the lamp housing with lower temperature, it condenses into water droplets and gathers. After the temperature is lowered, under the action of positive pressure, the air is discharged from the lamp body, but the water droplets are still attached to the lamp. The breathing process of temperature changes is repeated every day, and more and more water accumulates inside the lamp. The physical changes of thermal expansion and contraction makes the waterproof and airtight design of outdoor LED lamps a complex system engineering. The physical changes of thermal expansion and contraction make the waterproof and airtight design of outdoor LED lamps a complex system engineering. The following is an analysis of the technical characteristics of the two lighting waterproof systems (one is structural waterproofing and the other one is Sealing Materials waterproofing) to understand their advantages and disadvantages. I. About structural waterproofing Technology: Outdoor luminaires based on structural waterproof design need to be closely matched with silicone sealing rings for waterproofing. The lamp housing structure is more precise and complex. It is usually suitable for larger-sized lamps with medium and high power, such as linear floodlights, square flood light and round flood light or spotlights and etc. Structural waterproof lamps are only assembled with purely mechanical structures by simple tools, less assembly procedures and processes, and taken short assembly time, and it is convenient and quick to be repaired. However, the outdoor lighting fixture with structural waterproofing have higher requirements for machining, and the dimensions of each parts must be precisely matched. Only suitable materials and structures can guarantee its waterproof performance. The following are several key design requirements: (1) Silicone waterproof ring: Choose a material with a suitable hardness and design a suitable pressure for silicone waterproof ring, and its cross-sectional shape is also very critical for the waterproof silicone ring. The wire lead is a channel for water seepage, so it is necessary to choose a waterproof wire, and the use of a strong cable waterproof fixing head (PG head) can prevent water vapor from penetrating through the gaps in the cable core, but it is required that the wire insulation layer or rubber will be not age or crack under long-term strength squeeze of waterproof PG head. (2) Temperature difference: At ordinary temperature, the linear expansion coefficient of glass is about 7.2×10~m/(m·K), and that of aluminum alloy is about 23.2×10-m/(m·K). There is a big difference between the two. When the outer size of the lamp is large, it must be taken into consideration carefully. Assuming that the length of the lamp is 1 000 mm, the temperature of the lamp housing is 60°C during the day, its temperature drops to 10°C at night or when raining, and the temperature difference is around 50°C, the glass and aluminum profiles will contact by 0.36 mm and 1.16 mm respectively, and the relative displacement is 0.8mm, the sealing elements or parts is repeatedly pulled during the repetitive displacement process, which affects the airtightness for the outdoor lighting fixtures very much.   (3) Breather valve: Many medium and high-power outdoor LED lamps can be equipped with waterproof breather valve (or vacuum pressure valves). The function of molecular sieves of waterproof breather valve can help to balance the internal and external air pressure of the lamp and eliminate negative pressure, prevent water vapor from being absorbed, and ensure that the interior of the lamps is dry. This economical and effective waterproof device (breather valve) can improve the waterproof ability of the original structure design. However, the breather valve is not suitable for underground light, in-ground lights, buried lamps, underwater lamps and other lamps that are often submersed in water. The long-term stability of the waterproof structure of the lamp is closely related to its design, the performance of the selected lamp materials, the processing accuracy, and the assembly technology. If the weak parts of outdoor lighting fixture are deformed and water seeps, it will cause irreversible damage to the LED and electronic devices, which it is difficult to predict during the factory inspection process, and it is sudden happen to the lighting fixtures. Therefore, to improve the reliability of structural waterproof outdoor lamps, it is necessary to continue to improve waterproof technology.     II. About sealing Materials waterproofing What is About material waterproofing for outdoor lighting fixtures? The outdoor lighting fixture designed by materials waterproof, which is used filling and sealing glue to insulate and waterproof, and used glue or gel to seal the joints or gaps between structural parts to make electrical components completely airtight and achieve the waterproof effect for outdoor lighting.   With the development of waterproof material technology, various types and brands of special sealing for outdoor lamps continue to appear, such as modified epoxy resin, modified polyurethane resin, modified organic silica gel, etc. With different chemical formulas, the physical and chemical performance indicators of sealing adhesives such as elasticity, molecular structure stability, adhesion, UV resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, hydrophobicity, and insulation performance are different. Elasticity: The softer of colloid and the smaller elastic modulus of colloid is, so the better of adaptability will be. Among them, the elastic modulus of modified silicone is the smallest. Molecular structure stability: it is required the chemical structure of the material is stable, and it will not age or crack under the long-term action of UV, air, and high& low temperature. Modified silicone is the most stable in these materials. Adhesion: If the adhesion is strong, it is not easy to peel off. The modified epoxy resin has the strongest adhesion, but its chemical structure is less stable, and it is easy to age and crack. Hydrophobicity: It is Indicator of the ability of the colloid to resist water seepage. The modified organic silica gel has better hydrophobicity in above several materials mentioned. Insulation: Insulation is one of indicators for the safety of outdoor lighting products. The special sealing glue/gel of the above mentioned materials are all good. From the comprehensive view of the above physical and chemical properties, the modified organosilicon material performed best for outdoor lighting products. Sealant The sealant is usually packaged in a tube, suitable for glue construction, and is generally used for bonding and sealing the joints between wire ends and shell structural parts. The commonly used one-component formula reacts with air moisture at room temperature and solidifies naturally. Special note: Some manufacturers use neutral curtain wall glue for construction instead of professional electronic sealant, which is easy to decompose harmful substances and damage lamps. Some types of sealing glue and sealant will decompose a small amount of chemical liquid or gas during the solidification process, for example: the phosphor of LED is easy to be damaged by the colloid decomposition product which on surrounding of the LED diodes, and resulting in color temperature shifted, or damage LED chips; or the colloid decompose substances that chemically react with transparent PC plastics, destroy the structure of PC, and so on. This is a potential hazard in the application of colloids. It is necessary to fully understand its chemical and physical properties from the colloid manufacturer, and test and verify when design lighting fixtures and select the sealing materials. The sealant is most affected by thermal expansion and contraction in the bonding and sealing of the shell/housing structure of the outdoor lamps. Especially for large outdoor luminaires, the linear expansion coefficients of different materials are quite different, and the pulled and cracks constantly caused by the phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction to the outdoor lighting fixtures. Therefore, the waterproof ability of the material waterproof design mainly depends on the circuit board sealing. The production process of waterproof materials is relatively long, and it takes 24 hours for a glue-filling and solidification cycle. Some products are more complicated in design, and even require 2-3 glue-filling cycles, that is why the delivery time of outdoor lighting fixtures is long, and a large amount of production space is occupied and required, and the production environment Dirty. Meanwhile, it is very troublesome to repair the outdoor lighting products (such as IP67 LED in-ground lights and IP68 Underwater lights ) after the glue/gel is solidified. The structural design of sealing materials waterproofs type of outdoor lamps does not need to be too precise for, as long as there is space for sealing materials and the liquid does not leak out, and its waterproof performance is very good. Therefore, the material waterproof process is more suitable for outdoor lamps (underground lights or underwater lights) and indoor moisture-proof lamps, such as flexible light strips, small strip lights, buried lights, in-ground lights, pool lights, underwater lamps and etc.
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Lastest company news about Up to 27,000 LED lights, more fountains and fireworks! Shanghai Disney's fireworks are coming soon
Up to 27,000 LED lights, more fountains and fireworks! Shanghai Disney's fireworks are coming soon


Up to 27,000 LED lights, more fountains and fireworks! Shanghai Disney's fireworks are coming soon   As many as 27,000 LED lights, 38 straight-up LED fountains, 7 swing type led fountains lights, 27 flame effects and 6 laser installations...Shanghai Disney Resort today announced a brand new night performance-"Fantasy Light Phantom Show" "It is scheduled to be staged in front of the fairy tale castle in the park from April 8. The new version of the performance will fully immerse visitors in the entertainment experience with cutting-edge technology and new content.   Joe Schott, President and General Manager of Shanghai Disney Resort, said: “We hope to create an unforgettable and unique experience for tourists on the occasion of the resort’s 5th birthday celebration, in order to thank them for their love and companionship over the past five years. Together, we create a lot of memories. The new "Fantasy Light Phantom Show" has gathered the hard work and efforts of more than 70 Disney experts and consultants from 8 countries, integrating the world's cutting-edge technology and many popular Disney stories., To create an all-round and immersive audio-visual feast for tourists, so that when they end their trip to Shanghai Disneyland, their hearts are full of shock, moving and magic."   Perfect integration of creativity, technology and story The "Fantasy Light Phantom Show" draws on the inheritance of Disney's innovation and creativity and the use of cutting-edge technology, bringing the beloved Disney friends and stories to life in front of visitors. The performance takes light as the theme, allowing visitors to indulge in the moving lights and shadows all over the park. The new luminous phantom show will still be staged in the iconic fantasy fairy tale castle of Shanghai Disneyland. At the same time, the newly decorated fantasy garden will be fully utilized to allow visitors to fully immerse themselves in a different entertainment experience. When shocking visual and auditory effects surround every corner of the Garden of Wonders, visitors will feel that they are at the center of the performance and are integrated with the performance.   In order to create this full-scale immersive effect, Shanghai Disneyland installed 91 brand new lighting effect devices in 15 carefully selected locations, including 8 giant garden lighthouses, 11 enhanced arbor-shaped lighthouses, and 12 Water lily lights and so on. At the same time, 22,000 LED lights were added to the existing 5,000 LED lights in the Wonder Garden, making the entire performance use as many as 27,000 LED lights. Not only that, the lights of "Dumbo" and "Fantasia Carousel" and the parade of floats will also be added for the first time and coordinated to further upgrade the viewing experience. In addition, 38 straight fountains, 7 swing fountains, and 1 water curtain will jointly present a grand water curtain special effect in front of the fantasy fairy tale castle, and 27 flame special effects and 6 laser installations around the castle will be the audio-visual feast. Inject a more shocking and immersive viewing experience.   The new "Fantasy Light Phantom Show" will continue to integrate various special effects such as projection, fireworks, flames, fountains, lasers, and lights. An immersive experience full of surprises.   New and old Disney characters have appeared When night fell on Shanghai Disneyland, there were more than 80 characters in more than 40 movie works from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, and Marvel Studios, including the latest hit movies "Spiritual Journey" and " The characters in "Legend of the Dragon" will all appear one by one in the brand new "Dream of Light and Phantom Show", inviting visitors to start a journey of chasing the light in their hearts.   The "Fantasy Light Phantom Show" is composed of 7 chapters with great ingenuity and design, leading visitors to embark on a journey full of courage. The performance will begin with a brand new original song "You Are Light". As the performance progresses, shocking visual effects continue to be presented, and visitors will experience scenes from classic Disney stories such as "Legend of Brave", "Aladdin", and "Big Hero 6".     This new night performance will present 9 songs to visitors, the beloved classic Disney songs will meet visitors in a refreshing way, and the resort will also create a new song for this magnificent luminous phantom show. The original track-"You Are the Light", allows visitors to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of retro nostalgia and witness the stunning visual effects and storytelling blooming in the night sky. In the past five years, the iconic night performance of Shanghai Disneyland has left unforgettable memories for countless tourists and brought a successful conclusion to the journey. The brand-new "Fantasy Light Phantom Show" will uphold this heritage. While continuing to present a beautiful and memorable sensory feast for tourists, it will also use innovative technology and iconic stories to tell the industry and tourists. Redefine live entertainment.           B4SB0916 B4SB0918 24VDC 27W Music Controllable LED Fountain Lights Work with DMX512 + DMX Decoder       Large Image : B4SB0916 B4SB0918 24VDC 27W Music Controllable LED Fountain Lights Work with DMX512 + DMX Decoder   Product Details: Place of Origin: Guangdong China Brand Name: COMI LIGHTING Certification: CE, ROHS, ISO9001: 2008 Model Number: B4SB0916, B4SB0918(RGB), B4SB0904(3R/3G/3B) Payment & Shipping Terms: Minimum Order Quantity: 10pcs Packaging Details: Inner Box and outer carton Delivery Time: 5~15 working days Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram Supply Ability: 100,000 pcs per month   Contact Now Chat Now B4SB0916 B4SB0918 24VDC 27W Music Controllable LED Fountain Lights Work with DMX512 + DMX Decoder Description Product Name: Central Ejective LED Pool Fountain Lights Body Diameter: Dia. Φ149mm LED Type And Brand: 9pcs 2W Or 3W RGB Osram/ Cree/ Citizen LED Power Consumption: 21W, 25W(RGB) Brightness: 820lm (CW),750lm(WW) CRI: Ra>70 Lamp Body: Completely Stainless Steel SUS 316# Housing LED Color: Single Color, RGB, Or R/G/B(3R/3G/3B) Working Tempereture: Temperature Of Water Between -20℃~ 40℃ Depth In Water: Less Than 1 Meter In Depth High Light: recessed pool lights , led water fountain lights     B4SB0916, B4SB0918(RGB), B4SB0904(3R/3G/3B) 9 * 2W 21W 25W Dia. Φ149mm Central Ejective LED Pool Fountain Lights G(PF) 3 / 4" , Completely stainless steel SUS 316# housing & accessory   The COMI Lighting FOUNTAIN RING B4SB-series is conceived for underwater illumination of fountains and water gardens. ● Dimmable, automatic colour change, DMX 512, DALI, 1-10 V controllable ● Completely stainless steel SUS 316# housing & accessory ● The fitting made of SUS 316 stainless Steel with slow heat conducting must be installed underwater; ● Excellent design of heat-conducting housing ● When applied to the fountain or water dance show, the water pole and light beam can perform simultaneously. ● With the centered water exit hole, the light create 360° illumination on the water pole. ● This IP68 luminaire can not be operated out of water for over 15 minutes (cooling).And install underwater less than 1 meter depth.       Technical Specification: Front Cover and Housing Molding shaped Stainless steel SUS 316# Light Source: 9*2W Osram Or Cree High Power LED Glass: Step temper glass .T=10mm. Cable gland: IP-68 PG-11 copper with nickel-coated Gasket: EPDM gasket Lens: All- in- one Optical lens, efficiency≥85% PCB: Excellent heat conductivity aluminum, coefficient of heat Conductivity≥2.0w /mk Operating temperature: -20℃~40℃ Driver: Constant current output Single color LED=2-circuit output RGB 3in1 LED=6-circuit output Operating Temperature: 20℃-40℃ Application Environment: Temperature of water between -20℃~ 40℃ ,less than 1 meter depth Power Cable: H07RN-F 2X1.0mm2 L=3m (for Single color) H05RN-F 4X0.75mm2 L=3m (for RGB) Input voltage: 24VDC IP Rating: IP68 Certificates: CE, RoHs         General Information Item Number Light Source Lens Degree (°)θ1/2 Lens Input Voltage (V) Typical Operating Current (mA) Typical Consumption (W) Typical Luminance (lm) IK Rate B4SB0916 9×2W 25° B32 12V DC 1769 21 Cool white=820 Warm white=750 09 B4SB0918 9×2W RGB (3-in-1 RGB Full Color) 25° B8 12V DC R=600 G=750 B=750 26 774 09 B4SB0904 9×2W RGB (3R/3G/3B) 25° B32 12V DC R=600 G=750 B=750 26 774 09 Notes: 1. Color: Warm White(3000~3500K), Neutral White(4000~4500K), Cool White (6000~6500K), Red, Green, Blue, RGB 2. Due to conditions of production photometric data can vary from production batch to production batch within the EU directive. 3. Specification and availability are subjected to change without notice.
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Lastest company news about How does the LED underwater light achieve waterproof?
How does the LED underwater light achieve waterproof?


LED underwater light, also known as LED pool lights, is a kind of underwater light. It just refers to the lamp instalLED under water. The appearance is small and exquisite, beautiful and generous, the appearance is almost the same as some underground lamps, but there are more mounting chassis, the chassis is fixed with screws. Because the pool lights are used underwater, COMI LANDSCAPE LIGHTING can withstand pressure, generally made from USU316 stainless steel or SUS316L stainless steel or SUS304 stainless steel material, 8-10MM tempered glass, good waterproof joints, silicone rubber seal, multi-angle refraction curved glass, waterproof, Dustproof, leakproof and corrosion resistant erosion.     1. The LED underwater light of COMI LANDSCAPE LIGHTING is a kind of LED light source, which is monochromatic, or RGB or RGBW, or consists of underwater lighting with mixed colors of red, green and blue. It is the perfect choice for water mist pools, theme parks, exhibitions, commercial and artistic lighting. In order to make the LED underwater light with better dissipate heat and long lifetime of the LED underwater light, it is strongly recommended to place the light under water use.     2. In order to achieve a good waterproof effect of the LED underwater pool light, the protection effect of the COMI LANDSCAPE LIGHTING’s underwater pond lights are rated IP68 waterproof. It is recommended that the light be placed under the water at a depth of 1 to 1.5 meters, and some underwater lights can be placed in a place below 3 meters from the surface of the water. The good angle of light is 25~30 degrees or bigger for RGB color for a better color mixing. The controller controls the synchronization effect and can access the DMX console. Each unit has an address set separately, and the red, green and blue lights are composed of 3 DMX channels. There are two ways of external control and internal control. The internal control does not require an external controller, and it can set a variety of change modes (6 more). The external controller is equipped with an external controller, which can realize color changes.   3. The submersible LED lights adopts good and super bright LED as the light source, COMI LANDSCAPE LIGHTING’ pool light fixtures can emit light for 100,000 hours. Good light source materials make the lifetime of swimming pool LED lights longer and obtain satisfactory lighting effects.   4. The DMX512 LED underwater light is connected to the control system by a five-core wire (DMX+, DMX-, V+,V-, GND). The COMI LANDSCAPE LIGHTING’s lighting system includes a DMX controller, IP68 waterproof connection distribution boxes and lights and DMX512 underwater lighting fixtures can be placed in the water.   5. Some of COMI LANDSCAPE LIGHTING’s LED underwater light has a movable fixed fixture that can adjust the angle and position of the light. The design of the entire lamp perfectly prevents the corrosion of bromine and chlorine.   Click here >>  C4XB0457 C4XB0418 4 * 2W or 3W Recessed LED Underwater Pool Lights , Asymmetrical LED Underwater Pond Lights
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Lastest company news about Manufacturing technology of high-power LED underwater lights
Manufacturing technology of high-power LED underwater lights


LED underwater lights also named as LED pool lights, LED pond lights, LED swimming pool lights, submersible led lights, inground pool lights and etc., which are underwater lights produced by using LED technology. Compared to traditional underwater lights, LED underwater lights are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the lights are varied and more decorative, so they are widely used in various landscape lighting systems. However, as a manufacturer of LED lamps, some problems in the installation of LED underwater lamps need special attention.   The LED underwater light should be powered by a DC constant current power supply. Under the control of constant current power supply, the forward voltage drop of LED wall washer, LED flood light, LED underwater light, and LED buried light will become smaller as the temperature of the LED chip increases. The light does not have much impact. However, if it is driven by a constant voltage, the current of the LED underwater lamp chip will continue to increase as the temperature rises, and the LED underwater lamp may even be burned in severe cases. Therefore, the LED underwater light should be powered by a DC constant current power supply.   Anti-static measures must be taken. In the process of processing, production and installation of LED underwater light products, certain anti-static measures should be adopted, such as: the workbench should be grounded, workers should wear anti-static clothing, wear anti-static rings, and wear anti-static gloves, etc., conditions can be Install an anti-static ion fan, and at the same time, ensure that the air humidity is about 65% during installation to prevent the air from being too dry to generate static electricity. In addition, the antistatic ability of LED s of different quality grades is different, and the antistatic ability of LED underwater lights of high quality grades is stronger.   Pay attention to the sealing of LED products. No matter what kind of LED lighting products, as long as they are used outdoors, they are faced with the problem of moisture proof and sealing, especially for LED underwater lights. Poor handling of the sealing problem will directly affect the service life of LED underwater light products.   Technical indicators of underwater lights: Due to the particularity of the underwater color lamp application, it is an electrical product that works underwater, so it also has special requirements for its technical indicators. First, the protection index of underwater colorful lights The protection indicators of underwater colored lights are divided into two aspects: dustproof and waterproof. The IEC standard stipulates that the internationally accepted protection marking symbols are as follows:   1. Dustproof grade According to the national standard, the dustproof grade of lamps is divided into 6 grades. Among them, level 6 is the highest, and the dustproof level of underwater colored lights should reach level 6, and its marking symbol is: ip6x.   2. Waterproof rating According to the national standard, the waterproof grade of lamps is divided into 8 grades. The 6th level is water splash type, the 7th level is watertight type, and the 8th level is pressurized watertight type. The eighth level is the highest, and the waterproof level of underwater colored lights should meet the requirements of level 8, and its marked symbol is ipx8. Based on the above two requirements, the dustproof grade of underwater colored lights is 6, and the waterproof grade is 8. Its marking symbol is: ip68.   Second, safety indicators against electric shock The national standards for the anti-shock indicators of lamps are divided into four categories: that is, category o, category i, category ii, and category iii. At the same time, the national standard clearly stipulates that the underwater lighting fixtures in swimming pools, fountains, splash pools and other similar places should be anti-shock protection class iii lamps. The working voltage of its external and internal circuits should not exceed 24VDC.   Third, the rated working voltage The rated working voltage of the lamp is the electrical parameter index of the lamp, which directly determines the use environment of the lamp, that is, the actual working voltage must be consistent with the rated working voltage. Otherwise, either the light source will be burned out due to the high voltage, or the lighting effect will not be achieved due to the low voltage.   Fourth, the choice of underwater lights: According to the actual use requirements of the project, how to select the water colored lights reasonably should be considered from the following aspects.   1. Safety: In landscape places, the choice of underwater colorful lights regards personal safety as the first element. Must be in accordance with the requirements of the national standard, using 12v or 24VDC safety low voltage underwater lights.   2. Lighting: The lighting function mainly refers to the luminous brightness of the light source. It can choose underwater colored lights with different powers according to the illumination height and projection area. Another element of the lighting function is the color of the underwater colored lights, which are generally red, yellow, green, blue, and white, which can be selected according to the application occasion, the illuminated object and the atmosphere created.   3. Appearance and shell material Although underwater lanterns are used underwater, they are not very conspicuous. However, the appearance and material are related to the specific gravity of the lamp. If the specific gravity is too small, greater buoyancy will be produced, which will easily loosen the fixing screws of the underwater lantern, causing the lamp to float on the surface of the water and too heavy to make the light stand difficult to support. At the same time, due to long-term use in water, the shell material should have a certain anti-corrosion function, and the surface paint should be firm.   4. Economy The economy of underwater colored lights refers to the sum of the one-time investment and operating costs of the lamps. Generally speaking, better quality underwater lights have higher prices, longer service life and lower operating costs. On the contrary, lower quality underwater lights are cheap, but they are often caused by water leakage and electricity leakage. Blindness not only increases operating costs, some even affect the acceptance of the entire project.  
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