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company news about FAQ about COMI Lighting's Neon LED Strip

China COMI LIGHTING LIMITED certification
China COMI LIGHTING LIMITED certification
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Company News
FAQ about COMI Lighting's Neon LED Strip
Latest company news about FAQ about COMI Lighting's Neon LED Strip

FAQ about COMI Lighting's Neon LED Strip


1. How to control RGB LED flex neon light and what kinds of LED controllers are required?

(1)RGB LED neon flex is working with PWM protocol.So, the controller needs to be with PWM signal output, and the output voltage range of controller need to be compatible with the working voltage of RGB LED neon flex light.

(2)When connect RGB version LED neon light DMX control system, it is required to connect a DMX decoder(s) between DMX master controller and RGB Neon strip light, please inquire us separately for more information about it .


2.What are the advantages to powering LED neon flex from both ends?

Owing to the length of Neon strip is too long(e.g.:10meters or 20meters),if there is only one end LED strip is fed power,there will be a voltage drop at the other end of LED strip, the end of LED strip connected to the power supply will be more brightness than the end which not connect to power supply, so the brightness of the entire length of LED strip will looks uneven, one end looks brighter and the other end look a little dim.



feed the power to both two ends of LED strip can continuously run max length and reduce voltage drop and make the brightness more even and uniform in the entire run length of LED strip.


3. Why there is difference between rated power and practical consumption,for example: the power of 1 length 10meter ribbon light less than the total power of 10pcs *1meter?

The long LED strip circuit impedance result in voltage drop,the much far way from the power feed end, the more voltage drop is,so actual working current and power decreased as LED strip light length increased, so the power of continuous run length 10meters is less than the total power of 10pcs*1meter LED neon.


4. How to warrant the light uniformity.

(1)To ensure the quality of light source,The LED sources selected to manufacture are from domestic prestigious large LED manufacturers or from world well-known LED brands.

(2)Strict binning controls provide consistent LED color and quality of Light


5.Are they LED string lights or FPC lights? Are they connected by manual welding?

All FPCB lights are 100% completed by automatic machine like SMD machine, PCB automatic welding machine.


6.What protection ingress and IK rate for your Neon flex LED strip?

Our mould injection LED Neon flex cable entry type is IP68 waterproof and IK08.


7.Are they UV resistance?

After 1000 hours UV radiation test, our LED neon PVC were just slightly yellowing, and the gray level only increase one grade. UV resistance is no rate in itself. The practical application situation shall be evaluated at their own stance.


8.How to define the products lifetime and how long are their lifetime on average?

When operate the Neon flex properly and correctly in accordance to related technical documents or specification, the product lifetime is no less than 5 years.


Lifetime Definition:

A.Within 5 years, the color temperature and color shift scope are within industry profession recognition.

B.Within 5 years, the LEDs shall not break out.

C.Within 5 year, IP protection rate shall not reduce, such as IP rate and safety performance.



FAQ about Application


9.Can the stated IP68 LED neon flex be used under water?

We are one of very a few manufactures possessed both integration and DIY two kinds of IP68 accessories. We claimed IP68 protection LED neon strip light can be workable under water and shall meet the following requirements:

A. The accessories power cable need injection mould type which integrated with neon LED flex.

Important Note:  
The  Neon LED flex with DIY type power cable connector version cannot use underwater even though it is rated IP68.
latest company news about FAQ about COMI Lighting's Neon LED Strip  0

B. The LED neon flex shall not be installed in water depth over 1.5m.

C. All accessories shall be strictly assembled correctly and properly to achieve IP68 rate according to instruction manual.

D. Application environment temperature: Must be within -20~45 degree, and there shall not be large frequent temperature variation in a short period.

E. Suitable for long-term application of neutral water, such as swimming pool.

F. Forbid to use under strong corrosion conditions to metal and PVC,e.g.:excess acidic, alkaline, containing phenol organic solvents etc..

G. And do not use long time underwater corrosion conditions, such as seawater


10.Is it suitable for swimming pool?

Yes, it is. 

If the NEON LED flex is underwater use, it is strongly advised to select the neon LED flex with mould injection type connector.  neon LED flex with DIY connector is NOT advised to use underwater even though it is rated IP68 Waterproof and can use for a period of time, however, considering expanding with heat and contracting with cold, the water probably seep into the internal neon LED flex which lead to the neon LED flex to be failed.


11. Whether is applicable for boats (yacht)?

It can be used inside of boats (yacht). For exposure of the LED neon light to seawater using, it need to regularly check and replace accessories. Because seawater contains high solubility salts and is weak alkaline, which is corrosive to metal.


12. Is it suitable for outdoor using and what kind of condition required?

They are suitable for outdoor using because of IP68 accessories and UV resistance and flame resistance of PVC. But be careful the following operating environment:

A.If use underwater,Please note that the neon LED flex should be selected mould injection type connector, and the LED neon flex light shall not be installed in water depth over 1.5meters.

B.The application environment temperature shall not exceed -20~45 degree.

C.Operate in an atrocious environment free environment.

Corrosive, combustion, strong mechanical pressure environment will accelerate aging and degrade water resistance.


13.Can the LED strip be used in high temperature condition?

After a high-low temperature cycling impact tests in a -20~60 degree temperature and humidity chamber (60 degree 17 hours on & -20 degree 7 hours off, total 104 hours), the ribbon lights every performance are still in good condition. Considering their life time, we do suggest to use in -20~45 degree otherwise it will reduce its reliability and accelerate aging.(Ref. Lo-Hi temp. impact rest report).



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