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company news about Manufacturing technology of high-power LED underwater lights

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Company News
Manufacturing technology of high-power LED underwater lights
Latest company news about Manufacturing technology of high-power LED underwater lights

LED underwater lights also named as LED pool lights, LED pond lights, LED swimming pool lights, submersible led lights, inground pool lights and etc., which are underwater lights produced by using LED technology. Compared to traditional underwater lights, LED underwater lights are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the lights are varied and more decorative, so they are widely used in various landscape lighting systems. However, as a manufacturer of LED lamps, some problems in the installation of LED underwater lamps need special attention.


latest company news about Manufacturing technology of high-power LED underwater lights  0

  1. The LED underwater light should be powered by a DC constant current power supply. Under the control of constant current power supply, the forward voltage drop of LED wall washer, LED flood light, LED underwater light, and LED buried light will become smaller as the temperature of the LED chip increases. The light does not have much impact. However, if it is driven by a constant voltage, the current of the LED underwater lamp chip will continue to increase as the temperature rises, and the LED underwater lamp may even be burned in severe cases. Therefore, the LED underwater light should be powered by a DC constant current power supply.


  1. Anti-static measures must be taken. In the process of processing, production and installation of LED underwater light products, certain anti-static measures should be adopted, such as: the workbench should be grounded, workers should wear anti-static clothing, wear anti-static rings, and wear anti-static gloves, etc., conditions can be Install an anti-static ion fan, and at the same time, ensure that the air humidity is about 65% during installation to prevent the air from being too dry to generate static electricity. In addition, the antistatic ability of LED s of different quality grades is different, and the antistatic ability of LED underwater lights of high quality grades is stronger.


  1. Pay attention to the sealing of LED products. No matter what kind of LED lighting products, as long as they are used outdoors, they are faced with the problem of moisture proof and sealing, especially for LED underwater lights. Poor handling of the sealing problem will directly affect the service life of LED underwater light products.


Technical indicators of underwater lights:
Due to the particularity of the underwater color lamp application, it is an electrical product that works underwater, so it also has special requirements for its technical indicators.

First, the protection index of underwater colorful lights

The protection indicators of underwater colored lights are divided into two aspects: dustproof and waterproof. The IEC standard stipulates that the internationally accepted protection marking symbols are as follows:

IP68 LED underwater lights with silicone gel sealing.jpg


1. Dustproof grade
According to the national standard, the dustproof grade of lamps is divided into 6 grades. Among them, level 6 is the highest, and the dustproof level of underwater colored lights should reach level 6, and its marking symbol is: ip6x.


2. Waterproof rating
According to the national standard, the waterproof grade of lamps is divided into 8 grades. The 6th level is water splash type, the 7th level is watertight type, and the 8th level is pressurized watertight type. The eighth level is the highest, and the waterproof level of underwater colored lights should meet the requirements of level 8, and its marked symbol is ipx8. Based on the above two requirements, the dustproof grade of underwater colored lights is 6, and the waterproof grade is 8. Its marking symbol is: ip68.


Second, safety indicators against electric shock
The national standards for the anti-shock indicators of lamps are divided into four categories: that is, category o, category i, category ii, and category iii. At the same time, the national standard clearly stipulates that the underwater lighting fixtures in swimming pools, fountains, splash pools and other similar places should be anti-shock protection class iii lamps. The working voltage of its external and internal circuits should not exceed 24VDC.


Third, the rated working voltage
The rated working voltage of the lamp is the electrical parameter index of the lamp, which directly determines the use environment of the lamp, that is, the actual working voltage must be consistent with the rated working voltage. Otherwise, either the light source will be burned out due to the high voltage, or the lighting effect will not be achieved due to the low voltage.


Fourth, the choice of underwater lights:
According to the actual use requirements of the project, how to select the water colored lights reasonably should be considered from the following aspects.

1. Safety:
In landscape places, the choice of underwater colorful lights regards personal safety as the first element. Must be in accordance with the requirements of the national standard, using 12v or 24VDC safety low voltage underwater lights.


2. Lighting:
The lighting function mainly refers to the luminous brightness of the light source. It can choose underwater colored lights with different powers according to the illumination height and projection area.
Another element of the lighting function is the color of the underwater colored lights, which are generally red, yellow, green, blue, and white, which can be selected according to the application occasion, the illuminated object and the atmosphere created.


3. Appearance and shell material
Although underwater lanterns are used underwater, they are not very conspicuous. However, the appearance and material are related to the specific gravity of the lamp. If the specific gravity is too small, greater buoyancy will be produced, which will easily loosen the fixing screws of the underwater lantern, causing the lamp to float on the surface of the water and too heavy to make the light stand difficult to support. At the same time, due to long-term use in water, the shell material should have a certain anti-corrosion function, and the surface paint should be firm.


4. Economy
The economy of underwater colored lights refers to the sum of the one-time investment and operating costs of the lamps. Generally speaking, better quality underwater lights have higher prices, longer service life and lower operating costs. On the contrary, lower quality underwater lights are cheap, but they are often caused by water leakage and electricity leakage. Blindness not only increases operating costs, some even affect the acceptance of the entire project.


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